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10 secrets to a beautiful life

Updated: Sep 1, 2022

1. Keep a sense of humour about everything.

Yes, there are circumstances where this can seem impossible, but we can at least laugh at ourselves. Laughing can make the hardest environment the least bit tolerable and we will encourage positive energy.

#1 secret - laugh at yourself.

2. Love everyone.

Yes even our in-laws, and please not the fake kind! We can show kindness or at least love from a distance.

It's easy to love the beautiful and generous people in the world but when we reach out to someone who simply needs love, we discover a whole new world of joy.

#2 secret - love.

3. Surround yourself with genuine positive people. Positive people inspire us, encourage us, support us and want to celebrate our wins.

#3 secret - positive people.

4. Keep life simple.

2020 gave us a good lesson in what's most important. It was a time to reflect on the things we need most and to say goodbye to the things we don't need.

Life is better when we can spend our time wisely and simply.

What are you spending time on now in 2022?

#4 secret - wisdom

5. Say no.

'No' is a perfectly good answer to 50% of life's questions.

We can all say "no".

#5 secret - say no nicely.

6. Do more things you love.

This sounds simple enough, but for some of us we just don't make the time to do the things we love. So, set the alarm earlier for the morning, make a promise, keep the promise and do it!

#6 secret - me time.

7. Go to bed earlier.

Getting up in in the morning at least 2 hours before everyone else is my super power! Im ready for what the day requires because I’ve gotten a head start. But only when I’ve had enough sleep!

#7 secret - more sleep.

8. 'Show up'

Being prepared to 'show up' as the very best version of ourselves for the people we love the most in our lives. Not giving away our attention to devises or our energy on other things or people who are simply wasting our time. To show up for the ones who love us the most in a positive, loving and supportive role. For me, this is my husband and my 4 kids. I want them to always get the very best of me! Who knows, it may even rub off.

#8 secret - BE FREE! (no distractions).

9. Be prepared.

Before we hit the pillow are we ready to hit the ground running tomorrow?

This only needs to take a few minutes and we can make the next day much better for ourselves.

What's on? What do I need? e.g. Prepare healthy foods, plan exercise and time for meditations, drink the rest of our water and take our vitamins. Be positive, set goals and never ever give up. Keep track with an organiser (Try our planners).

#9 secret - Ready for tomorrow.

10. Get in touch with your Spirit.

For me this is actually my number one! REAL PEACE is what gives us true joy and hope for the future, the kind of peace we can only get from our Spirit. What is my/your purpose?

What is your Spirit telling you?

#10 secret - What is #1 in your life?

Practicing gratitude and a positive mindset isn't a secret but its definitely the gateway to a beautiful life!

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