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The Wedding Planner

Updated: Oct 1, 2022

Plan the unique 2022 wedding!


There is no reason to plan a wedding that's in fashion or a wedding similar to someone elses.

You know who you are, so why have a copy? You are unique and one of a kind! Embrace your individuality and plan a wedding or event that will reflect you! This is your time to celebrate you!


Leaders arnt always born! Like the outspoken personality which is usually the personality type that know how to get the job done, done well and quickly! Congratulations to those personality types!! We solute you!

Some leaders are created.

It's not as easy for these types of leaders but if you are like the rest of us and need to work at this skill, YOU CAN DO IT! A wedding or special occasion is a great opportunity to develop this skill of leadership.

So lead the way and dont let anyone hold you back (with exceptions of course).

Leaders enjoy a challenge and are always comfortable with the uncomfortable, never needing anyones approval.

Planning an event where there are people not co-operating can feel disappointing and frustrating. But it is most likely happening because a lot of people are very challenged by something new or different. It can make them uneasy. Leaders have their eye on the goal!, not people! So no one ever needs to take it personally when someone is motivated to getting something done. So plan something worthy of your time.

We enjoy being in the company of this sort of enthusiasm because it can be very motivating!

There are always people who will 'get you' and the ones who don't, are only sent to make you appreciate the ones who do.

So grab your torch and lead the way!


There is nothing better than having good help and great people in your team. Take a moment to show them your appreciation and love. If you are planning a wedding or event on your own, then reach out to people like us who are enthusiastic about helping others.

We know how you can create a unique

and memorable wedding and it all starts with the planning!

We have put together a planner to be designed your own way. With your creativity in mind our Wedding Planner set can be customised exactly to what you want.

Just add the stickers in order to your personal diary/organising system as you need it.

We have also included a good timeline to keep you on track but ultimately you decide!


Life is better and beautiful when we keep things simple.

That was the whole idea when we made The Wedding Planner .

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