How covid-19 changed our business

Updated: Apr 24

This is not a blog about all the things that happened in 2020 because there are so many tragic stories and traumatic experiences so many people have been living with which we would all rather read about.

Stories of real heroes and human strength, but we can empathise with the grief this pandemic has brought to so many lives.

We send our love to those affected by the covid-19 pandemic as well as our prayers for healing to those suffering.

Families, businesses and industries were affected in Perth when we went into lock down and everything came to a halt. What a shock!

But so many of us agree we have pulled together like no other country or city in our opinion, and that is definitely something to be very proud of!

Our business was impacted by the pandemic just as many other so, Thank you so much for visiting us here on our new website!

We look forward to a new chapter for ROSE + VIOLET and hope to be bringing you something new...

check out our new: The Wedding Planner

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