How covid-19 changed our business

Updated: Feb 22

This is not a blog about all the things that happened in 2020/2021 because there are too many stories to only mention ours!

Families, businesses and industries are still struggling with the affects of Covid-19.

When Perth first went into lock down in 2020 and everything came to a halt. We were all so shocked, but it brought so many of us together and we all agreed that Western Australia’s pulled together like no other country or city in the world! This was all our opinions, and that is definitely something to be very proud of!

So what has changed?

All our lives have been affected by this pandemic in some way and we are all facing the same questions and decisions on how to walk through these unfamiliar waters! Could our view be that every fellowman is going through the same struggles? Could we show love, patience and kindness despite their behaviour?

If only we could all look at each other through that lens.

Do we hear enough stories about our heroes and the human strength displayed by those who think of others more than them selves? Could we realise that we ALL make decisions based on what we understand? Yes, perhaps an exhausted or limited understanding. But aren't we always, ONLY wanting the best for our families and loved ones?

We can all empathise with the stress, confusion, frustration and grief this pandemic has brought to so many lives if we choose to.

We pray Australia’s can be cool again!

We send our love to those affected by the covid-19 pandemic as well as our prayers for healing to those suffering.


Thank you so much for visiting us here on our website!

We look forward to a new chapter for ROSE + VIOLET.

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